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"PiinPoint has become an integral part of my role as Retail Analyst at Cushman & Wakefield Waterloo Region. The platform allows me to put together professional looking reports and provide clients with the insights they need to make real estate decisions.

I honestly don’t know how I would do my job effectively without PiinPoint."

Jessica McCabe, M.Ed.
Retail Analyst

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Welcome Megan Williamson to the PiinPoint Team!

We are excited to announce that Megan Williamson has joined PiinPoint as our newest Business Development Representative, based in Reno, NV. Her arrival marks a significant step in our ongoing US expansion.

PiinPoint Adds More Retail Expertise to the Team

We are thrilled to welcome Amanda and Alex to the PiinPoint team! Their diverse backgrounds and extensive experience are set to make a significant impact as we continue to innovate and expand our services.

GeoAI Blog Series: Customer Data in Location Intelligence: There is Gold in "them-thar" hills!

Data comes in many forms, and any retail or real estate professional knows that good data is the cornerstone of making sound site selection decisions. Here, we look at the different types of customer data, why customer data is so powerful, and how easy it is to leverage customer data to inform your retail and site selection strategy.

GeoAI Blog Series: Trouble in AI Paradise: Get the Data Right First!

It comes as no surprise that the absence of a focused data strategy centered on location intelligence is a significant hurdle to the practical application of AI to Real Estate planning. Real Estate executives and GIS experts agreed that in the absence of a holistic data strategy, the organization suffered from three typical roadblocks to leveraging AI effectively: 1) data silos within the organization - non-integrated spatial and other data sources, 2) missing data - incomplete consumer or real estate supply data, 3) acquiring unique sources of new data for competitive advantage.

GeoAI Blog Series: AI/ML Investments Reduce the Risk of Real Estate Planning Mistakes

The overwhelming perception from GIS and Real Estate Executives is that AI/ML technologies will have a profound effect on the speed and accuracy of producing sales forecasts, the measurement of cannibalization, and the ability to find white and gray (infill, repurpose) space opportunities in retail networks.

Take Your Analytics on the Road. PiinPoint Now Available on Mobile

PiinPoint is here to support you, even when you’re not at your desk.

GeoAI Blog Series: GIS and Data Science Don’t Speak the Same Language

The collaborative synergy among Analytical Teams - particularly between geographic information science (GIS) and data science (DS) teams - separates organizations that have an AI strategy and have invested in “Centers of Excellence” around data and machine learning operations (MLOps) from the rest. Read more on how to overcome this in your organization…

Sally Woo Joins PiinPoint as our new Director of Growth Marketing!

PiinPoint is pleased to announce the appointment of Sally Woo as Director of Growth Marketing.

GeoAI Blog Series: Building Next-Generation Location Intelligence Tools

GeoAI is an emerging fast growing field of study and development enabling real estate and GIS professionals with next generation tools for market analysis and retail network planning.

GeoAI Blog Series: Trust and Transparency; Beating the “Black Box” Syndrome

One of the most pervasive barriers to adoption of AI/ML technologies in organizations is the inability for Executives and Leadership more generally, to “believe” or “trust” the outcomes from complex AI/ML model systems. Read more on how to overcome this in your organization…

GeoAI Blog Series: Increasing Efficiency in Real Estate Planning

One of the most popular values of leveraging AI technologies in organizations is focused on internal productivity and efficiency gains during the real estate analysis and approvals process.

Retail Real Estate Executives Need New Tools

Network Simulations give retailers the power of planning for change. Simulations allow users to chain together any series of events that can happen in a network to understand how closures, openings, relocations, consolidations, or changes to existing stores will impact their network success.

Insights into the Impacts of the COVID Pandemic on Retail Brick and Mortar

There is no denying that the global COVID pandemic ushered in abrupt seismic shifts in how we live our lives and how we do business. The pandemic forced governments to act to prop up their economies, workers, and business with massive stimulus packages, which contributed to interesting and sometimes unexpected consequences for a range of retail sectors.

Jordan Gerard Joins PiinPoint as Full Stack Developer

We are pleased to announce that Jordan Gerard has joined PiinPoint as a Full Stack Developer.

CFA Guidebook Partnership: Leveraging Data & Analytics

PiinPoint partners with the Canadian Franchise Association to outline our thoughts on how franchisor organizations can leverage data and market insights to address these important questions and ongoing questions.

Customer Data is the Gold Standard for Real Estate Network Planning

Data comes in many forms, and any retail or real estate professional knows that good data is the cornerstone of making sound site selection decisions. Here, we look at the different types of customer data, why customer data is so powerful, and how easy it is to leverage customer data to inform your retail and site selection strategy.

The Scott Mission Partners Together with PiinPoint

Partnership between The Scott’s Mission and PiinPoint will allow for an understanding of where service users, donors, and staff are geographically located.

Daniel Kogan Joins PiinPoint as GIS Analyst

Daniel Kogan Joins PiinPoint as GIS Analyst

Daytime Population: The Hidden Gem of Site Selection Data

Daytime population estimates help your brand find the right retail location. Here’s what daytime population can tell you — and why accurate data is crucial.

What is Urbanicity — and Why is it Important for Choosing the Right Market?

When comparing urban markets to less populated suburban and rural areas, you’re going to see completely different consumer demographics, shopping preferences, and buying behaviours. Here’s the lowdown on urbanicity — and why it matters for retail site selection.

Predicting Success in New Markets Part II: PiinPoint’s Marketmatch Methodology

Developing a sound network expansion and optimization strategy and then executing that plan with speed and precision is critical for gaining or maintaining a competitive advantage while accessing the most desirable markets and real estate listings. 

A Checklist for Site Selection - What You Need to Know

Site selection is a difficult process with an overwhelming number of factors to consider. We've built out a framework of key considerations and questions that need to be answered prior to pulling the trigger on a multi-year lease.

Predicting Success in New Markets

Location analytics are not analytics you provide to retail. They are retail analytics with a location dimension.

Loyalty Programs: More than a Tool for Winning and Retaining Customers

Learn how retailers can use loyalty programs to inform product offerings, win back customers, and find better locations.

What is a Retail Trade Area? Beware, they are not all created equal!

The concept of a retail trade area has been around a long, long time. The question is, how is it defined? 

Retailers are expanding market reach using new models and methods

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that consumer shopping behaviour has changed, likely forever. Convenience and safety are now a high priority which has reduced shopping trip frequency and dwell times in the store. We all know what that means - a reduced basket - making the economics of brick and mortar investment more challenging. So retailers have to adapt, and they have!

3 Ways Location Intelligence is Coming of Age

Location planning historically has had a tendency to confirm organizational biases, rather than inform an overall strategy or direction. The future is to try and remove that bias and build a location intelligence and analytics capability to guide the real estate and store planning teams to strategic decisions where

De-risking Real Estate Investment Decisions for Restauranteurs

Unless you have been living under a rock these past few years, a restaurant evolution is well under way. Those everlasting casual dine-in concepts continue to experience low traffic even as we begin to emerge from the COVID 19 pandemic. Consumers have spoken and they have chosen to vote with their phone app and order from home or

It All Starts with 1 Location: Introducing PiinPoint's Grant Program

The location strategies and portfolios of North America’s top retailers can be awe inspiring when you put some thought into how they got to be where they are today. We often take for granted the sheer amount of decision making and analysis that’s required to take a company from its first location to a hundred locations, let alone to a thousand or more.

Using Dynamic Location Data for Marketing in the New Normal

The future of retail continues to come forward at a quickening pace. As consumer trends have been accelerated by recent events in 2020, the demand for an increasingly unique, localized, and personal retail experience grows. To build organizational resilience and maintain relevance in this retail climate, more and more brands are embracing data, analytics, and...

Some Things Don’t Change; Like Wanting Healthy and Delicious food

Growth-focused Mediterranean fast-casual brand, Osmow’s, partners with PiinPoint to fuel their Canadian expansion. For the last two decades, Osmow’s has steadily developed a nationwide reputation for flavourful and healthy mediterranean food across Canada. With a mission to satisfy the cravings of their customers with rich and modern mediterranean cuisine, they ...

What I Learned From Talking to 100 Retail Real Estate Professionals

PiinPoint's Chief Product Officer shares what she has learned from having over 100 conversations with people in the retail real estate industry, and how those conversations have helped shape what products we build.

Join us at IFA Convention in Pheonix

Sales team from PiinPoint are attending the IFA Convention in Pheonix, AZ on Feb 17-20, 2024

Three New Faces Join PiinPoint

PiinPoint is growing again with the addition of three new team members. We are excited to have added experience to the Business Development and Data Science teams. 

Peter Beirne Joins PiinPoint as Senior Customer Success Manager

We are pleased to announce that Peter Beirne has joined PiinPoint as a Senior Customer Success Manager.

Marta Pavliv Joins PiinPoint as Sales Development Representative

Marta Pavliv Joins PiinPoint as Sales Development Representative. Welcome Marta!

PiinPoint is Going to Vegas! (ICSC Las Vegas 2023)

We will be attending ICSC Las Vegas 2023 on May 21 - 23! Book a meeting today to learn more!

Centralize Your Site Selection

Sitematch is an easy and intuitive way to centralize your site selection by allowing real estate agents, developers, and brokers to upload available listings directly into your PiinPoint account.

Onie Tam Joins PiinPoint as Marketing Coordinator

PiinPoint is pleased to announce the appointment of Onie Tam as Marketing Coordinator.

Nick Kyriakou Joins PiinPoint as Customer Success Specialist

PiinPoint is pleased to announce the appointment of Nick Kyriakou as Customer Success Specialist.

Beatrix Eckley Joins PiinPoint as UI/UX Designer

PiinPoint is pleased to announce that Beatrix Eckley has joined our team as UI/UX Designer.

Nicole McMinn Joins PiinPoint as Director of Customer Experience

PiinPoint is pleased to announce the appointment of Nicole McMinn as Director of Customer Experience.

Cameron Klapwyk Promoted to Director of Key & Strategic Accounts

PiinPoint is pleased to announce that Cameron Klapwyk, former Project Implementation Lead at PiinPoint, has been promoted to the Director of Key & Strategic Accounts. In this new role, Cameron will be focused on working closely with a select number of Enterprise Accounts, identifying implicit and explicit opportunities that further support their growth. 

Tom Peters Joins PiinPoint as Chief Revenue Officer

PiinPoint is pleased to announce the appointment of Tom Peters, as Chief Revenue Officer. Tom’s reputation comes from over 30 years of advising clients on achieving improved pricing discipline, building revenue and profitability management solutions for a quick win and long-term margin growth, marketing performance improvement

Welcoming our Development Team Lead To Further Accelerate Growth

After nearly doubling revenue in 2020 and seeing continued growth in 2021, we are thrilled to announce the recruitment of our Development Team Lead, Muhannad Asfour. Muhannad brings over 10 years of software development experience to PiinPoint from multiple industries, including Software and IT, Automotive Manufacturing, and...

What Movement Patterns Tell Us About The Recovery Of The Retail Industry In Canada

In May, Provincial Governments across Canada began relaxing their restrictions on retail businesses, kick-starting the recovery process for Canadian Retailers. PiinPoint’s Mobile Location Data shows that consumers are returning to many retailers, with visits up 28.5% from our report last month. That said, visits are still down 54% from this time last year.

How COVID-19 has Accelerated the Evolution of Retail

Landlords and CRE professionals are leveraging technology to establish new ways of leasing and purposing space in an era of physical distancing. For retailers, the pandemic has forced many to reevaluate their real estate strategies. In light of this reimagination, our team has been working hard to provide tools for retailers to develop new strategies for their physical footprint; be it to evaluate changes and performance in their network, understand the potential of omnichannel, or experiment with new operations. No matter who you are, we’re all acknowledging that this “new normal” requires a plan for success.

Visits to Canadian Retailers are down 76% during COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit us all, but very few industries have been hit harder than retail. In Canada, PiinPoint’s Mobile Location Data shows that visits to retailers are down 76% from this time last year. PiinPoint is using anonymous mobile location data, to track the impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Canadian retailers, and monitor the recovery over time. Check out our report to see the impact on different retailers, and sign up for weekly updates.

Who is My Customer? Using Geosocial Data to Identify and Find your Target Market

How well do you know your customers? You may have figured out their age, income level, and household type, but do you know what they tweet about? Can you segment them based on what they share on Instagram? Can you tell the behavioural differences between two middle-aged, affluent females that look quite similar demographically, but whose lifestyles are quite different?

PiinPoint partners with to add Geosocial Data and help retailers see beyond demographics

PiinPoint is proud to announce a partnership with, the leading geosocial data provider, allowing retailers and landlords to get a deeper understanding of each community’s multifaceted interests.

PiinPoint partners with ChainXY to help retailers grow with confidence

Today we are excited to announce the integrating ChainXY’s dataset into PiinPoint's Location Intelligence platform. This will provide users with broader and up-to-date brand coverage, more intuitive POI categories, and significantly improved accuracy. 

How to find the Perfect Location for a Cannabis Retail Store, in Ontario’s Newly Opened Retail Market

The Government of Ontario has announced that they will change the rules governing retail sales of cannabis in the province, eliminating the lottery system and removing the cap on the number of private retail cannabis stores starting in January 2020. How can Cannabis Retailers take advantage of this new open market, find the best location for their new stores, and ensure they are compliant with all provincial and municipal zoning rules.

How To Choose the Perfect Location for Your Cannabis Business - Free Resource Guide

Retailers know a location is key to the success of their business, and it’s no different for cannabis retailers. However, the challenge is whether you can find that great location that also fits with the myriad of rules set out by both the province and that particular municipality. ‍This guide helps you navigate the location rules for operating a brick-and-mortar cannabis company in Canada.‍‍

From the Experts: How Mobile Location Data Gives Retailers a Competitive Edge

As an increasing number of companies collect and distribute mobile location data, we wanted to highlight some of the top applications for tapping into the dataset. We connected with various experts in the field to learn about the primary ways mobile location data is used for real estate decision-making. 

The Power of CRE Tech in Developing Thriving Communities

How are developers adapting how they market neighbourhoods and developments? How do you build for a transitioning demographic? How are major shifts in consumer patterns, work behaviour, and urban growth impacting retail and Developers? Read our interview with Marty Pawlina, at Rohit Developments to find out how.

Webinar: Discovering Customer Insights with Mobile Location Data

As the world goes mobile, the importance of being able to access and interpret the patterns of human movement is becoming more and more critical to retail. On October 12th, 2017 join PiinPoint founders Jim Robeson and Adam Saunders in a compelling talk on the power of using cell phone signal data in site selection.

Avoid the Storm: Visualizing Flood Risk in PiinPoint

In light of Hurricanes Harvey & Irma, we’ve built a new flood risk layer in PiinPoint that allows any user to view flood zones across the United States. Using this layer, users can anticipate the risk of flooding for existing or potential real estate in any market.

Rapid Expansion and Retail Forecast: A Q&A with Panera Bread

We sit down with Phil Weick, Senior Real Estate Strategy Manager at Panera Bread, to talk about Panera's rapid expansion and what's coming up in the retail industry.

Creating Experiences - A Retailing Paradigm Shift

The retail industry is undergoing a profound change as consumers buy more and more goods online. Only the retailers that can create unique experiences both online and offline will survive.

3 Secret Perks of Restaurant Loyalty Programs

In this short article, we outline three not-so-obvious ways in which you can leverage your customer loyalty data to improve your business. By employing these methods, you can maximize the ROI from your loyalty program.

An Inside Look at the Vaping Industry with VaporFi

In this exclusive interview, we talk to Nick Molina, CEO of VaporFi, about his company’s rapid expansion and how they’re addressing the vaping industry’s biggest challenges.

Location Analytics: What is it and Why Should You Care?

An overview of location analytics and how retailers and restauranteurs can leverage data to help with site selection and ultimately increase sales.

Capriotti's: The Road to 500 Stores

In this interview, we sit down with the founders of Capriotti’s to learn how they grew the franchise to over 100 locations in just ten years.

6 Mistakes to Avoid in QSR Site Selection

The success of your QSR greatly hinges on your site selection. Avoiding these 6 critical mistakes highlighted by Michael Carro can significantly enhance your chances of establishing a thriving and profitable restaurant.

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