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Take Control of Your
Real Estate Strategy

Retail is constantly changing, and you need trusted insights rooted in accurate data, to be confident about the decisions that drive your business forward.

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Location Intelligence Powered by AI & Machine Learning

PiinPoint’s Location Intelligence platform provides an easy to use interface for your analytics and data to increase your location success. We use AI & machine learning to provide deep insights into markets across North America and Australia.

Giving you the data and insights you need to evaluate site locations, understand your customers, competitors, and identify growth or optimization opportunities for your company.

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Find, Evaluate and Compare Sites in Seconds

PiinPoint can help you create a detailed site report in seconds, helping you understand the people who live, work and play around any location, the retail landscape, competitors, points of interest, traffic counts, movement patterns, and trade areas. 

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Data You Can Trust

It’s impossible to make decisions about your business that you can be confident with when you’re relying on outdated dataset or missing key information.

We have partnered with the industry’s leading data providers to give you access to up-to-date, reliable and comprehensive datasets, and a platform that allows you to combine them with your own data. Giving you the insights you need to make business decisions with confidence.


Geosocial Data

Mobile Location Data

Traffic Patterns

Trade Area

Market Segments


Zoning and Development Data

Leverage Your Data

Integrate your internal data into PiinPoint to see sales patterns over time across online and in-store channels, simulate strategy for new store openings, relocations, closures, or plan your entry into e-commerce

Impacts of COVID-19 On Retailers
Visits to Canadian Retailers are up 28.5% in the last month, but still down 54% from this time last year.
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PiinPoint Location Intelligence Features

Looking to validate a potential location or understand the unique characteristics of an existing site? PiinPoint can help you test your assumptions, pull trends across different sites, monitor changes, and understand how well the consumers that dwell there fit your unique requirements.

Site Report

Visualize, compare, and report on a myriad of raw datasets using an easy-to-use mapping platform.

Site Validation Report

Get to know the area around your existing, potential, or competitor locations. PiinPoint gives you access to demographic data, pedestrian and vehicular traffic counts, and identifies nearby competitors and points of interest for any trade area.

Sales Forecast Site Report

Query any location to quickly identify how well a location will do in sales, allowing you to identify the locations that hold the highest sales potential and reject those in your real estate pipeline that don’t.

Cannibalization Report Site Location

PiinPoint’s Impact Analysis helps you understand the ripple effects caused by changes in your network, so you can answer questions like: Will opening a location here cannibalize sales from other locations? What happens if I close or relocate this location?

Retail Profile Management

PiinPoint can help you analyze your existing profile, to understand how many locations a market can support, where the market is oversaturated, and how many opportunities exist for your brand.

Retail Customer Profile

Get to know your customers, beyond their demographics. PiinPoint combines your customer data with mobile location data to learn who your customers are, where they come from, how you can reach them, and what is important to them.

Competitor Profile Retail

Find out what impact competition and points of interest have on stores success, and how store performance will be affected by their presence in the market. 

Trade Area Analysis for Retail

Determine a store’s capture rate by exploring where your customers live, work, and go before and after visiting a location using mobile location data.

Case Study: Location Intelligence gives growing restaurateurs a roadmap for success

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