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"PiinPoint has become an integral part of my role as Retail Analyst at Cushman & Wakefield Waterloo Region. The platform allows me to put together professional looking reports and provide clients with the insights they need to make real estate decisions.

I honestly don’t know how I would do my job effectively without PiinPoint."

Jessica McCabe, M.Ed.
Retail Analyst

Network Simulations

Powerfully Plan for Change in Your Real Estate Strategy

Manage the unknowns of market planning by combining trusted insights with an easy-to-use tool to do scenario planning.

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geosocial data

Structure your Network Evolution Plan Alongside Lasting Trends and Market Changes

Scenario Planning Tools

Simulate Changes with In-App Scenario Building

Chain together potential store action events to calculate the net impact to your portfolio performance as well as the impact of any change on an individual store’s sales.

geosocial community
geosocial segmentation

Build On Custom Insights

A New Way to Engage Analytics for Market Planning

Explore new ways of using custom, vetted-PiinPoint models on performance forecasting, banner alignment, relocation and recapture, or cannibalization models in your real estate planning strategy.

Events for Evolution

Model All Kinds of Network Opportunities

Whether you are considering right-sizing, relocations, new store openings, or making more of your existing sites, you can imagine any number of changes using Network Simulations.

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Integrate with your Existing Site Selection Toolbox

Sales Forecast Reports
Mobile Location Data & Visitor Reporting
Explore Trade Area Analyses
Customer Contribution Data
Generate in-depth forecast reports on a single event or series of changes. Reports can show predicted sales maturity levels, forecast performance by store department or category, and more.
PiinPoint's models and analytics leverage mobile location data observations. With Visitor Reports, you can geofence and explore the make-up of visitors around any market where you run scenarios.
A deep-dive on market characteristics are just a couple of clicks away, to add context to your scenario planning and guide your choice of potential Events in a Simulation.
A strong understanding of your customer capture rate is built-in to PiinPoint's analytical models. When you're building Simulations, each potential area forecasts performance based on an intelligent trade area.

Collaborative Advisory Support

Imagine, and then Plan What's Next

PiinPoint’s works with world-class retail leaders and consultants to offer advisory services for brands looking to manage their evolution at the organizational level.

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Network Simulations
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How to Plan for Retail Uncertainty

If there’s one thing we know in retail, it’s that consumer demand has always been changing. While this constant and accelerating evolution can feel overwhelming, there are moves you can make to confidently plan for success, even in the midst of uncertainty. This eBook is to help inspire retail real estate leadership when working in an environment of change.

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