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How Colliers Canada Uses PiinPoint to Impress Their Clients and Save Time

The Market Intelligence team at Colliers Canada had limited access to dynamic mapping software and often relied on graphic designers and consultants to do their mapping and travel analysis. After switching over to PiinPoint any member of their team could access up-to-date demographic data, create custom amenity maps for clients and calculate travel times for office locations. The change has resulted in tremendous time savings and customizable reports that impress their clients and brokers.

“If you’re looking to ‘wow’ your clients with dynamic mapping, up-to-date demographics, and live travel analysis – PiinPoint is the product for you.”

Curtis Scott, Manager of Market Intelligence

Creating Maps and Reports for Every Client was Time Consuming

Before using PiinPoint, Colliers had limited demographic mapping tools and relied on graphic designers for their mapping needs. This process created a huge bottleneck and was very time consuming.

The PiinPoint Solution:

With PiinPoint everyone on Curtis’ team was able to quickly map out amenities and create custom demographic reports for clients. PiinPoint’s dynamic mapping and ease-of-use meant that they didn’t have to wait on their designer to start presenting to clients.

Colliers was Dependent on a Consultant for Travel Analysis

For office & industrial spaces, Colliers would conduct travel analysis to measure how long it would take a clients’ employees to commute. This analysis was occasionally done through an external consultant, leading to long turnaround times.

The PiinPoint Solution:

PiinPoint’s built-in live travel analysis saved Colliers time and money by removing their need for an consultant. Their team is now able to do travel analysis quicker than ever before, which is especially helpful when they are in a time crunch and looking to impress their clients.

They Were Using Static, Inflexible Mapping Tools for Market Intelligence

Before using PiinPoint, Curtis’ team relied on static mapping tools or graphic designers to create market maps. This would cause long delays when reporting back to clients and brokers.

The PiinPoint Solution:

Curtis loved that PiinPoint is web-based, meaning that it can be accessed on any computer and is continuously updated. He also appreciates that he can ask a customer success representative questions directly within the app in real-time.

About Colliers Canada

Colliers Canada is one of Canada’s largest commercial real estate services firm. In 2015 alone, Colliers Canada concluded more than 4,600 sale and lease transactions on behalf of investors and occupiers totaling some US$7.8 billion across Canada.