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"PiinPoint has become an integral part of my role as Retail Analyst at Cushman & Wakefield Waterloo Region. The platform allows me to put together professional looking reports and provide clients with the insights they need to make real estate decisions.

I honestly don’t know how I would do my job effectively without PiinPoint."

Jessica McCabe, M.Ed.
Retail Analyst

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Take Your Analytics on the Road. PiinPoint Now Available on Mobile



March 5, 2024

PiinPoint strives to improve your impact at work with every new product improvement. 

Thanks to valuable feedback from our customer base, including some of the biggest retail chains across North America, we’re excited to launch PiinPoint for Mobile to support you in the field!

No need to prepare site information before your site visits - Simply take PiinPoint with you on your mobile device. Look up new sites and existing locations on the fly, and get your answers quickly.

Here are some ways you can use it in the field:

  1. Assess your new potential sites with information at your fingertips, including: demographics, surrounding retailers, municipal traffic counts in the area. You can also view Marketmatch scorecard results and run a Sales Prediction (if you have the add-on) to get a data-driven instant assessment of the site.
  2. View your Site Reports while on the road. No need to print out reports and reduce preparation time on your computer before each site visit. 
  3. When visiting locations within your network, access store information such as performance over time, open date, franchisee etc. You can also visualize the performance of the surrounding stores to compare locations.

How do I get access?

PiinPoint for Mobile is available for all PiinPoint accounts at no extra charge.

  • If this is your first time using the mobile page, bookmark it so that you can easily come back to it!
  • Sign in with your regular PiinPoint credentials.
  • Start using PiinPoint in the field!

Note: Do not use mobile and desktop versions at the same time for the same user account. This can result in lost/unsaved data. 

Need more info? 

Reach out to your Customer Success Manager to see a demo, or learn more about how to incorporate PiinPoint for Mobile into your workflow for you and your team.

PiinPoint is here to support you, even when you’re not at your desk.

Learn more about how PiinPoint can help your business evolve and thrive.