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Geosocial Data

See beyond Demographics to find your Customers

Geosocial data helps you see beyond demographic data to understand the interests, attitudes and mindsets of the people who live, work and play in a community.

geosocial data

How it works

People share their interests, experiences and thoughts on social media publically collects these public geotagged posts on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook...

Sentiments from the data are organized into 72 Geosocial segments measured over any geography

PiinPoint combines this data into our Location Intelligence Platform

Get to know a community before you open

No two communities are the same, even if they have similar demographics. Enhancing your search with geosocial segments allows you to discover social behaviours that exist within a community and how strong of an affinity they have. 

geosocial community
geosocial segmentation

Find where your customers are

Select proven social segments that match the characteristics of your brand and then pinpoint areas where they’re highly concentrated. Apply this to your operational and marketing strategy to further connect with your customers.

Let your community shape your leasing strategy

Geosocial data allows landlords and property reps to tap into a retail community and get to know its interests. Using these social segments, leasing teams can determine what retail brands or concepts will thrive in their location by gauging consumer demand. 

Use Cases

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