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Location Intelligence for Cannabis Retailers

PiinPoint provides the insights that Cannabis Retailers need to find the perfect retail location and grow their business.

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Powerful Location Intelligence

PiinPoint saves cannabis retailers hundreds of hours in compiling data and provides an easy to use, comprehensive and up to data location intelligence platform to help identify and compare potential locations to grow your business.

Exclusion Zones


Real Estate

Market Suitability

Mobile Data

Points of Interest


Grow Legally with Confidence

PiinPoint helps cannabis companies grow by helping them automatically establishing buffer zones around Points of Interest like schools, hospitals, parks, community centres and other cannabis retailers, ensuring that potential brick-and-mortar retail locations are in compliance with rules set out by provincial and municipal governments. 

Discover your Customers

Understand the neighbourhood around your business by accessing exclusive data about what types of people live and work there, how they move around, how often they come back to a location and how that changes over time.

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All the data you need

Easily create detailed site reports with all the data your team needs to compare potential locations and find the right one for your business.

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Free Guide: How To Choose the Perfect Location for Your Cannabis Business

Retailers know a location is key to the success of their business, and it’s no different for cannabis retailers. However, the challenge is whether you can find that great location that also fits with the myriad of rules set out by both the province and that particular municipality. 

This guide helps you navigate the location rules for operating a brick-and-mortar cannabis company in Canada.

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