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Your Mobile Location
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Transparency and education drive our approach to helping you take advantage of today's most popular dataset.

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Trade Area (based on visitor homes)


Why Mobile Location Data?

Mobile Location data is integrated into PiinPoint’s Explore platform to help you learn more about your customers, your properties, and your community’s movement behaviour. Based on insight from mobile device GPS signals, the data is compliant with privacy laws and both anonymized and aggregated so it cannot be traced back to the individual.

Unlock Extensive and Precise Directional Traffic Counts

Discover the movement patterns of consumers on the roads and walkways. With monthly updates, vehicular or pedestrian counts can be queried on an extensive road network to identify volumes on either side of the road.

AVG Vehicle Volume on Segment
vehicles per day
Left-Side of road
Right-Side of road
Visits Over Time

This Location

My Location Average

Frequency of Visits

This Location

My Location Average

Understand Visitor Patterns and Create Demographic Reports

Find out how frequently visitors come to your identified geofenced properties, how their behaviour change overtime, and the demographic characteristics of the visitor population. Then, share your findings with colleagues online.

Identify the Trade Areas for your Locations

It doesn’t matter if you have access to customer data now or not, mobile location data allows you to better understand a property’s trade area and what kind of capture rates you have in each market.


11.2 Miles


17.3 Minutes

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