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Sitematch for CRE

Connecting The Right Tenant With The Right Space

Retail is evolving. Commercial Retail Real Estate Professionals need the tools, data and insights to understand their unique properties and find the perfect long term tenant. Sitematch enhances your listings using location intelligence to match you with tenants that will thrive in your space and complement the existing community.

How It Works

Market Plans

Create unique market plans for what you need at each site.

Real Estate Submission Portal

Make new connections with your unique real estate portal, where brokers, franchisees, and property developers can share opportunities.

PiinPoint Location Intelligence

PiinPoint scores properties based on your pre-defined critieria, using Machine Learning and AI alongside cutting edge datasets  to uncover site suitability and weed through the extras.

Property Inbox and Reports

Reach out to Site Submitters with an organized Properties inbox

Intelligent Tenant Mix and Optimization

Curate smart, prosperous retail communities

Sitematch helps you understand which products, services or amenities will thrive in your space.  Using Location Intelligence, Sitematch analyzes the evolving demands of the consumers who live, work and play in your community, and identifies concepts that will complement existing tenants. 

Connect with Data

Build and Expand Your Relationships

Sitematch brings leasing teams and tenants who are knee-deep in analytics together. Position your team with data-driven insights and flexible site sharing to help increase property exposure and drive outbound sales. 

AI-Powered Site Matching

Empowering Leasing Teams

With a digital leasing solution, create teams who can facilitate better deals, impress clients, and secure longer-term tenants, faster than ever.

Find The Right Tenant For Your Space